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YEARN – What do you yearn for? To long for, to desire, to want, to be? Take a moment and just sit with the question, what is your heart telling you? Search these thoughts, these yearnings. They are a message to you, to seek and strive for more and know what is most important to you – maybe it is to be loved and accepted, appreciated, to be recognized, to be valued. Sometimes the yearning is for that which is impossible then the challenge becomes whether or not you expend the energy to fight for the impossible or to release it as it does not serve true purpose in your journey. Whatever it may be that you are yearning for, look deep inside for the answers you seek. What you need resides there and not in the world around you or in others, as they cannot give you what you truly need. Seek to reach for the peace that comes as you reconcile yourself to the yearnings in your life, that these things will no longer be what you yearn for but rather what you have within you

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