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Motivational Speaker

It is my mission to share my story and impact change.

My mantra is "Embracing the Magic of Life"

I did not always believe that. I spent a lot of time believing the lies the world was telling me.  It is through my life experiences that I have learned the beauty of life and how the world needs me, and how the world needs you.  This world is not complete without you.  

While you may not have chosen your life experiences, how you choose to respond is up to you.  Let me share with you how I have found my way in this journey we call life and how you too can find your way, your purpose, and know fully that You are Enough. 

Current Speaking Topics

You Are Enough

By the time Michele was 12, she attempted to commit suicide. While the attempt was poor the emotions were very real. In this keynote, Michele shares her struggles, and more importantly, her triumphs to discover that she was enough. In this inspiring journey, learn how to move beyond your old beliefs and discover that you too are enough.

On Track for the Finish Line

Raise your hand if you have ever made a new years resolution and then found yourself struggling to stay on track.  In this conversation, Michele shares 8 steps to create the action you need to get on track and make it to the finish line!

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The Extraordinary Life Virtual Retreat is available on Facebook and everyone is welcome to join.

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