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Riding the Wave

As I stand on the beach preparing myself for boogie boarding, I am filled simultaneously with FEAR and FASCINATION.

I have always been afraid of the water, having had two close calls when I was a young child. I managed to flunk pre-beginners then later beginners so I ended my swimming lessons. Thankfully my dad taught me enough to keep me afloat...well mostly.

In the midst of the fear, however, I have an incredible fascination with the ocean, mesmerized by the waves as they crash into the shore.

I take my boogie board and walk slowly out into the water and I begin to watch the horizon, looking for signs of the size and power of the coming surf. I am definitely a novice but when I focus on the movement of the water and the sounds of the waves I get a sense of what is coming in. I begin to know when to ride or when to wait. I don’t always get it those times I hold my breath and roll with the wave until I can find my way back up to the surface. Then there are those exhilarating moments when I catch the wave just right.

Opportunities in life can be much like boogie boarding. We stand with anticipation, excitement, fear and fascination looking towards the future, just as a boogie boarder watches the horizon.

We try to watch, listen and read what is coming towards and when it does we have a split second to decide to wait or to ride.

Much like missing a wave we can miss opportunities... or sometimes in the waiting we catch a even better opportunity. Then there are those moments when you just know and you catch the perfect ride.

And sometimes we miss it all together...we allow our fear, our uncertainty or our self-belief to stop us from even testing the water. We just simply exist, letting the opportunities pass us by just like standing on the balcony watching the waves come into shore.

I could stayed on the beach allowing my fear of the water to hold me back. But in spite of my fear I took a chance and opened myself to the possibilities... I want to live my life this way too... how about you?

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