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What is Your Story?

Over the past few weeks I participated in The Better Life Challenge hosted by Dean Graziosi. This challenge is for 30 days and is designed to allow people to live “The Better Life” through small, incremental changes that have a big impact in the long run on how they can live their lives better. Now as a Canadian I could not participate in the “contest and prizes” part however the daily challenges and how I can make changes in my life was way better than some old prize!

One challenge in particular “got my attention”. It was called Creating Your Story. In this challenge Dean asks if we ever have pictures that when we look at them we create a story as to how we see ourselves. He asks us to find a picture that when we look at it, all we see are negative things about ourselves; “limiting beliefs” he calls it.

What are some limiting beliefs “Negative self talk”…we tell ourselves? What are some examples?

We are…

  • Not good enough

  • too fat or too thin

  • too ugly

  • not loved

  • not smart enough

  • not rich enough

  • not cool enough

  • not liked by others

  • plain and ordinary

  • not valuable

It is easy to find the limiting beliefs, we all have them but no one takes the time to reverse this and look for the “limitless beliefs.” This is where we flop all the negative self-talk and seek positive, encouraging and empowering thoughts about ourselves. Dean asks us to find a photo that we like of ourselves and write the positive things about ourselves that we see when we look at this photo.

What are some things we can tell ourselves?

  • I am good enough

  • I can do anything in my life

  • I am smart enough

  • I look great just as I am

  • I am valuable

  • I am loved

  • I can have great life

  • I can prosper

  • Anything that is opposite of the negative things we say about ourselves

We can prove that the limiting beliefs are a LIE! Do we need to be born under a special star or to a special family to be valuable, important, to be good enough? Do we need to be born a millionaire to make money or have things in life? Are our perceptions of how we think others look at us even true?

It is time to create a new story about ourselves. One that inspires, encourages and empowers ourselves and how we see ourselves in this world. Say goodbye to the limiting beliefs and walk with empowerment to who we are and what we can accomplish in this life.

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