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INSPIRE – Have you ever had an encounter where you were inspired? Maybe it was a story of someone overcoming challenges to keep going, to reach their goals. What about a painting that speaks to your heart? Or a scene in a play that moves you and motivates you to do something?

We look up to those who give us inspiration through the amazing things they seem to do in the midst of great challenges and difficulty. Sometimes it gives us strength to carry on another day or gives us encouragement.

What is just as important is how we can inspire others.

Yes, we can! You don’t need to make the headlines or be a super hero. Your life doesn’t have to be perfect or extra ordinary. There is something special about you, your life journey and experiences, your passions, hopes and dreams that can have an impact and inspire others, just as you have been inspired. Never be afraid to share your story, you never know how it may touch the life of someone else and bring them inspiration too.

I encourage you today to look around you to see what inspires you to help in your journey and also to look inside you to see what you have that can inspire others to help them in their journey. Together, let’s make this world a better place, one inspiration at a time.

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