I AM....

The following is the Motivational Moment shared at Women Talk Okotoks on February 21 2017.

Let’s take a moment and say to our neighbor, “You are loved”.

How did that feel? Good? Happy?

Now, I want you to say “I am loved”.

Now, how did that feel? For some it will be an affirmation of what you already know and maybe for some of you it was a little harder. I know in my own life it that it would have been very hard to say. You see, I spent most of my life struggling to find truth in that statement. In fact I always felt that I wasn’t loved; that I was a mistake, I was not important, not valuable, not worthy.

It was in a life defining moment last year that I learned why I had always struggled so much and that my validation was not to come from the outside…but rather from within. This revelation changed my perception on my value and on my worth. I needed to learn to love me and if I could do that, I could break free from the chains that held me prisoner for all my life.

And so I began my self-love affair…. It was a conscious decision to accept truths into my life and to hold them close in my heart. I ask that you open your own hearts to receive these truths. As you hear them change the words from ‘you are’ to “I AM”:

  • You are amazing

  • You are beautiful

  • You are cherished

  • You are worthy of love and affection

  • You are precious

  • You are a treasure, more valuable than gold and silver

  • You are important

  • You are smart

  • You are capable

  • You are powerful and strong

  • You are a world changer

  • You are fearfully and wonderfully made

  • You are perfect just as you are

  • You are unique, designed with a purpose and a calling

  • You are worthy

  • You are valuable

  • You are Enough

Through these past few months, I can now see that I am loved and most importantly that it is me who loves me because I learned that I was not a mistake, that I am important, that I am valuable and I am worthy.

Let’s go back to the beginning…

Say to your neighbor “You are loved”…

Let’s to say together…”I am loved”…

And finally… the most important words… “I love me”.

Love and embrace yourself, love your insecurities, love your flaws and imperfections, love the parts of you that are easy to love and love equally as much the things you think are not loveable. Love everything about you, you are awesome!