LIFE – We are only given one life to live. Is your life where you thought it would be? Are you living the life you really want? Or are you just going through the motion, wandering listlessly through each day? Do you dream, hope, imagine? Or have you given up?

The other night I was given a wonderful idea to try; my friend asked the question “what is your ideal day?” So I share that question with you. Let’s take some time today or this weekend and imagine what it would look like. Write down each thought and image that you see from the moment you wake up until you rest your head at the end of the day. Don’t let money or circumstances hinder you as you seek to answer this question. Once you have completed the exercise go back and note what you already have in your life and accept the blessing with a heart of gratitude. For the rest, this is a place to start directing your life choices. To seek new direction, to learn, to grow, to bring joy and excitement, to stop wandering listlessly, to find a renewed love for your life and to make a positive impact on the world around you.

Remember, you only have this life – yesterday is gone but you have today and you can dream for tomorrow. Let’s make our lives the best that they can be!