HOPE – So often we find ourselves in the storm filled with fear, worry and anxiety not knowing what to do. We are being tossed and thrown, spinning round and round looking for something to hang on to. Then we see a life preserver, floating in the waves of the storm and when we grab on to it, this is the expectation that we will be rescued. That is the moment that defines what hope is. It is a feeling of optimism that something good will happen.

No matter what you may be facing right now, never give up. There is always hope for something better, for a miracle. Even when it is hard to find hope during the storm choose to seek it, call out to it and hold on. Answers are coming. If you have lost hope, I am here to stand alongside you so you don’t face your challenges alone until you can find hope again. The storm will end and the sun will break through the clouds, a dawning of a new day and new beginning.