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VISION – Your heart tells you that there is more to life, more to your life. It is not enough to be where you are right now that there is a calling, a higher purpose for you. You are learning to love yourself and to love the world around you, you have embraced your light and you are healing your shadows but you know there is more for you. As you picture your ideal day what do you see?

This is your vision, your passion and your dreams in action. One way to focus your vision is on a vision board. There is no limit to what you can place on it – the most important piece is that your board speaks to your heart, mind and soul. It should resonate with how you want to feel, not just stuff that you want to have. Include trinkets that speak to you, represent special moments where you felt energized and motivated, or pictures of goals that you want to work on as you grow in your life journey. Pause for a moment today and start to visualize that vision then hold it out where you can strive to reach it. As you grow and change, your vision may change too but be willing to walk the path as it leads – seek that calling, your higher purpose. Bring your passions, hopes and dreams to life! Change your life and change the world!

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