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TRANSFORM –Transformation takes place when we seek to change, much like the caterpillar into a butterfly. It is an interesting process as the caterpillar goes through this metamorphosis. Each step is critical to the final result. Any shortcuts in the process can leave the butterfly that will eventually emerge damaged rather than perfect as it was meant to be. This is much like our own lives; we must walk each step in the path of this journey to transform into the perfect reflection of who we are meant to be. This means we need to accept the challenges and trials, knowing that they are an important component in our transformation process. When they come along ask yourself how you can learn and grow in the circumstance? How can you use the challenging situation to help others? Be patient as you go through the stages of transformation, when you break free from the cocoon you will emerge as you are meant to be. Not only will you be transformed and changed you will be a model for others to follow; to change this world one transformation at a time!

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