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PERMISSION – Though society may try to tell you what is okay and what is not, I want you to give yourself permission to be YOU. Take a deep look inside and connect with your inner self. Listen, what do you hear? Close your eyes and imagine that ideal day that we spoke about a few days and use this to guide to open up inside.

Pause to absorb all the good feelings you have; the smile that comes to your face and hold that close to your heart. Continue to look deep – are there shadows? Do you feel sadness, confusion, pain, sorrow, anger or other emotions? Is there fear, self-hatred, guilt, shame? Allow these feelings to come to the surface, write down what is being felt, name it then release it. Be honest in what you feel, allowing the vulnerability that comes with these emotions. Don’t allow society and the world around you to dictate how you need to feel and behave – give yourself permission to be real and authentic. I stand alongside you to listen and support you as you walk this part of your journey. You are perfectly designed just as you are and you are loved just as you are.

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