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OBSERVE –Do you stop to observe the world around you or do you just plow through the day? There is an old saying about stopping to smell the flowers – to pause and really observe. See the beauty and the blessings around you; this is a gift to help you through each day. It is also important to stop and observe inside yourself. So often we hide from or ignore what is going on inside of us or in the world around us, ignoring signs and messages that are trying to get our attention whether it is our physical health, our emotional, mental or spiritual health. And the more we ignore or hide, the stronger the messages and signs can become to get our attention, to the point that it can manifest in the form of serious illness or death (Healthiest You Workshop).

Over the next 30 days I ask you to consider spending time to carefully observe – what is going on in your life right now? How is it making you feel? Do you see changes in your physical health? Are you struggling emotionally, mentally or spiritually? Are you suffering illness or a diagnosis? I also ask that you observe good and wonderful things – “stopping to smell the flowers”, make careful note of these to give you blessings. If you so choose to do this exercise and would like more information please send me a message – we only have one life to live, let’s make it the best one we can!

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