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MASKS – Is that smile you are wearing really what you feel or are you hiding behind a mask? None of us are born with masks, we create and wear them. When we are wearing the mask it can be for many reasons…we are insecure, we fear people won’t like us, we don’t feel worthy, we are afraid of our real emotions, or we are in circumstances where it is not okay to show what is really going on. It is so common to hear “How are you? I am fine”. Why do we do that? Sometimes we know that the person asking how we are isn’t able to respond if we answer that question honestly and other times it seems better to silence the truth.

What masks are you wearing? Are you pretending to be someone you are not because you are afraid of showing your true self? Trying to hide pain and sadness? What else? I struggle with emotional masks. There are those days when someone asks “How are you?” and my mind and heart go into panic mode while assessing how to answer the question. Do I paste on the smile and say “fine”? Do I answer honestly and wait for the reaction? And it is one thing if a close friend asks the question but it is completely something else if it is someone who you work with or a casual acquaintance.

We can learn to shed these masks. Be okay to show your true self, you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Strive to reach your potential, no one is just like you and you have a gift to give this world. Open your heart and soul to accept healing of the wounds you carry. Don’t be defined by the emotions you are feeling, release them so they do not have power over you, even in the midst of tough and challenging times.

Today think about the masks you wear and make a commitment to take them off. It may not happen overnight but stay the course, don’t be cheated of how amazing and wonderful you are by hiding behind that mask. Let us hold each other and support each other, no judgement or expectations so that we can be the true and authentic selves the world is waiting for us to become

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