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JEWEL – I think of the expression a “diamond in the rough” and the process that carbon goes through, high temperatures and pressure, before it becomes a diamond. Even at that point there is work to do to create the finished product. It is cut and polished until its perfect brilliance shines brightly and it becomes a beautiful jewel.

Our challenges, difficulties and shadows are much like that carbon. We feel the pressure, the heaviness, the hot temperatures and we feel like we will be crushed into nothingness. But if we allow this process to happen the circumstances and situations will transform to something better. As we grow and learn, our lives are shaped until we burst forth into a dazzling, sparkling and shimmering masterpiece.

Whatever you may be going through right now, hang in there and remember that you are precious and valued, and when the refining is done in the circumstance, a beautiful jewel will emerge to shine a bright light into the darkness of this world.

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