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FOCUS – As the photographer looks to capture a perfect shot of the image he sees he focuses in with his camera lens, concentrating on only the object that has caught his attention. In our mind’s eye we must do the same. We seek to find that object - a goal or desire – then we must focus in on it until it becomes a clear picture in our mind. What is equally as important is what we don’t see in the photograph or in our mind’s image. All the pieces and images that are not relevant, that don’t speak to our heart or our vision of the end result. Let go of those things, they are only distractions to keep you from seeing the clear image.

Today I encourage you to take a moment to pause and ask yourself on where you want to be, whether it is a dream, a goal or a change in direction then, like the photographer, focus until the image appears then “click” to capture it with your heart, soul and mind. Stay focused on this image and allow it to be the foundation of creating the life you desire. If the image becomes fuzzy simply re-focus and never give up

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