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Breaking the Chains of Dispair

I have often struggled with depression and thoughts of suicide, my first attempt at the age of 12. I so easily go to dark places when I am hurting and feeling alone and hopeless. I was given a gift of two beautiful friends into my life, both of them fighting cancer. Their love for life and my “not so much love” for life was a constant emotional battle but I knew that I could not dishonor them in such a horrible way but freely ending my life while they fought so hard to keep theirs.

Yesterday I was filled with a revelation that stopped me in my tracks! My whole life has been on the spiritual battleground! All attempts have been made to destroy my life and any impact that I would have on this world. I am rediscovering that I have a real purpose in this life, to change myself from the inside out and to bring hope and freedom to others in their life journey.

I am just at the beginning of my new journey, to accept the true calling in my life and to break the chains of the despair that I once had. I am humbled, I am in awe and I am filled with hope for the journey that lies ahead.

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