Who I Am

Michele Noordhof

International Best Selling Author, Creator, Motivational Speaker, and Workshop Facilitator

Michele grew up in a small farming community in southern Alberta.  She was five when she first stepped on the stage in a little schoolhouse during a community Christmas party.  As she stood there, front and center, she felt a sense of “being where she was meant to be”.  Inspired by her first taste of the stage, Michele had many roles as an actor over the years, and acting also became what she did in her everyday life as she presented a mask to the world while hiding intense emotional pain and the longing to end it all.  Forever.

Michele has worked in office administration, human resources, finance, accreditation standards, risk management, and staff development/training.  She especially loves the parts of her job roles where she is able to add a touch of whimsy, flair, and creativity.  Outside of work, Michele enjoys writing, acting and has recently renewed her interest in motivational speaking through Women Talk where she is a chapter director for Women Talks Okotoks.  It has become her passion to help others in their life journeys through her own life experience.

Today, Michele shares openly her journey from Suicide Survivor to Life Thriver.  As a life-long learner always in self-discovery, she doesn’t pretend that she has “arrived”, but leads by example as she shares authentically from her own journey, without masks or acting a part. Her desire is that her message will touch the hearts of others so they too can find their way through the challenges they face in life.  If something she says or writes helps even one person to keep going and keep living, then she will consider her work successful.

Finding gratitude in the everyday moments of life, Michele loves spending time camping and travelling with her hubby, along with spending time with their family, which includes two adult children, their spouses and five grandchildren (and 2 cats).

Women Talk

In January 2017, Michele opened up a Chapter of Women Talk in her community.

It is here she shared her story, her journey for the first time in front of the Mic.

It was life-changing, no longer did she feel like a prisoner to her old belief system.  

Her story mattered, it changed lives starting with her own. 


There is power in each of our stories, and our stories matter, who we are are matters.

To learn more about women talk, check out their website at  www.womentalk.ca 

Old Study


Michele has completed training in the following areas:

Angel Basics

Reiki Practitioner Level 1