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August 12, 2016


As I was driving home from work the word "treasure" popped into my mind.  I was thinking about seeing my best friend Ruth from my home town and seeing my parents.  As the word formulated into thoughts I could how people are such treasures in my life, sparkling like precious jewels. Ruth and the long time friendship, co-workers who are patient and caring, my hubby when he brings me a cup of coffee just because he is thinking of me, the theatre group that includes me, my pastor and his wife who send a quick text or message to say hello, people who have become friends through the camping group I am involved with, the friends on Facebook who like my posts, make comments or quick hellos because they are thinking of me, the friends who have become sisters to me and people who I do not personally know but encourage and inspire me.  Each one is a treasure in my life. 

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